5  Must Know Strategies for OCD and Anxiety

The no-holds-barred, real-talk, free masterclass for action-takers who want to gain control over their OCD and anxiety and take their f*cking life back.

Sick of the same old vanilla, recycled mental health content that makes you feel like a textbook case study? Because, same.

You're not meant to be ruled by fear.  You can recover. 

Practical Steps

Learn easily implementable strategies you can start using immediately after the webinar and put yourself firmly in the "I took my life back" category.

Expert Guidance

I've been specializing in OCD, anxiety, and related conditions since 2008. I created a world where people recover. For good. With or without a therapist.

To-the-point Content

No fluff here.  You're in the driver's seat, and I'm here to help you learn how to defeat OCD and anxiety once and for all, not just tolerate their presence.

Imagine a world where OCD and anxiety don't dictate your every move.

I'm not just a professional counselor - I've lived this journey.  Since 2008, I've been helping people like you, and I've been in your shoes.

"Getting better each time"

"I have new knowledge and feel like I'm getting better each time I join a masterclass of yours."

"Bite sized, digestible education"

"Your approach is optimistic, "can do", no nonsense.  You reduce the big, scary, nebulous monster of OCD into little manageable, less frightening, easily conquerable pieces."

"The examples you gave were perfect"

"The masterclass was great. The examples you gave to explain the OCD cycle were perfect."
What you'll learn:

These strategies aren't your typical, run-of-the-mill pieces of advice.  They're life changing, evidence-based, and effective.

- Why OCD and anxiety are called "the doubt disorder" and how to see these conditions for what they really are.

- The importance of acceptance over avoidance so you can finally *get* that it's not the thoughts that are the problem - but how you respond to them.

- How to break the pattern so you can mess with OCD and anxiety's cycle in manageable but still challenging ways.

- How to make decisions based in values, not in fear so you can take back control over your life choices.

- The importance of continuous learning.  When knowledge is power in OCD and anxiety recovery, arm yourself wisely. 

If you're done letting OCD and anxiety make your world smaller, and if you're ready to be empowered and in control, this is your moment.

Screw deep breathing and coping skills.

I'm not about teaching you just to get through the moment. I'm here to help you thrive.
Hey!  I'm Jenna.

I've been struggling with that damn 'fear voice' of OCD/anxiety since I was a kid. And since 2008, I've specialized in treating it.

Working at ALL levels of care, including in residential at both Rogers Memorial Hospital and Johns Hopkins– I’ve seen it all. 8 years of the most debilitating cases of OCD and anxiety in the world. Comorbities. Unconventional presentations. Your taboo thoughts and presentations won’t even ‘wow’ me, let alone scare me. I’ve truly seen it all. Try and surprise me. You’ll win a prize if you can.

I’ve always wanted to treat OCD. Something that I feel traditional therapy has all wrong. OCD isn’t a textbook case of ‘scared of germs.’ Mental compulsions. Ruminations. Sitting with uncertainty (and struggling!). Intrusive thoughts. OCD/anxiety is so much more than stereotypes. But one thing’s for sure– once you recover, you can take your life back.